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Glasgow has the potential to produce world class technology companies. As a city we have stacks of talent and a proud history of innovation. This makes Glasgow a fantastic place to establish and grow tech companies.

Our goal is to see more successful tech startups emerge from Glasgow. We want to see a more ambitious and cohesive startup community with a culture of collaboration and co-operation at its core. Together we can achieve massive success.

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A small place, bursting with talent.


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Closing out 2014

2014 had been a big year for me personally (thinking of posting a ‘Year in Review’ type post in the next few weeks) and I know a lot has been happening across the Scottish tech community in 2014. Raising money, exits and lots of new products launching. What’s going on...

What’s on in Scotland

Been quiet on here (sorry about that but life and business get in the way) but thought it would be worth while and useful to do a quick rounding up of some great events that are happening over the coming weeks in Scotland. First up one up is on this...

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