Time for change in Scotland

May 26, 2011
Michael Hayes
Michael Hayes

Co-Founder of RookieOven and Add Jam

When the guys and I set out with this venture we went down to London and went to a TechHub event. When we got there all the attendees couldn’t believe we had driven all the way down from Glasgow mainly for the meetup. It became apparent that these meetups and get togethers are a common occurrence. These events are more than just a jolly they create a community where members can support each other and grow.

It’s just not like that up here, sure there’s the odd tweetup or pub gathering but just not in the same volume as down in London. This is something that I’m sure is going to change and a community will grow.

Another problem aside from volume of events is making the events that are on visible. More has to be done to publicise these events as so many are not on the radar of the very people who should be attending. This is where Chris is doing his bit by curating the Scottish Startup Digest which collates all the best events happening in the coming week in Scotland. You can sign up to the Digest here. If you are organising an event get in touch with Chris to get yourself added (probably best to tweet him). I’m going to be doing my little bit to change things too and hope to organise an evening in the coming months so stay tuned to my tweets or look out for it on the Digest.

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