How was the Glasgow Meetup – UPDATE

June 07, 2011
Michael Hayes
Michael Hayes

Co-Founder of RookieOven and Add Jam

Last night in Glasgow we had a small get together in the Bier Halle on Gordon Street. My thinking was beer and good pizza would be a good incentive to get people along to talk tech, startups, social media, business models, languages, platforms, frameworks and well whatever really and I wasn’t wrong. There was a great turnout of folk, although sadly I didn’t take any pics (eejit that I am).

Even more encouraging there were a lot of people keen to get along who couldn’t make it for various reasons so I’m thinking we try do it again, well when I say again I mean we make it a recurring event on the first Monday of the month. Sounds good? So in July that would be the 4th and seems as the centrally located beer and pizza combo worked a treat this time we should do it again in the Bier Halle. Plus last night we managed to get the big back bit all to ourselves which was an ideal space for us to mingle and chat away.

I think its was a success but I’m happy to listen to feedback so please let me know what you thought of the evening. If anyone else has something on in Glasgow be sure to let me know so firstly I can come along but also so I can let the Chris know so he can add it to the Startup Digest for Scotland.

Lastly big thanks to all those who came along and helped spread the word, can wait to meet you all again on the 4th of July.


Had to change from the Gordon Street Bier Halle to the other one in Sauchiehall Street. Still half 6 on Monday the 4th but please spread the word.


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