Meet the Expert - Michael Hayes

February 26, 2019
Charlotte Dougall
Charlotte Dougall

Founder of Blether, helping small businesses do big things online.

Michael is the founder of software development company Add Jam and the brains behind RookieOven. Add Jam was founded by Michael and co-founder Chris in 2014, and create iOS, Android and web apps to solve problems in innovative ways.

How did you get started in this area?

I studied computer science at university and was determined not to end up working in Financial Services. Working for a multinational bank just wasn't an exciting prospect for me, creating products was far more interesting. I started working with my co-founder at Add Jam, Chris, whilst we were doing masters degrees at university (Chris in Computer Science, mine in Product Development) where would meet up and work on product ideas together.

When we finished up university and found ourselves as poor graduates we both took jobs but continued to work on ideas and projects in our evenings and weekends which led to us founding Add Jam in 2014.

Why are you passionate about Scottish technology?

Scotland has the potential to create world-class tech companies. We have a long history of innovation, we're home to a really high standard of universities, we have great global transport links and have a network of diaspora across the world. I've lived in Glasgow all my life, so you could say I'm biased, but even though we're a small country we are more than capable of punching well above our weight.

What's your one biggest piece of advice for people in the Scottish tech scene?

Get shipping. As a startup speed is your most important asset however I see so many founders taking months to launch or to even make progress in their business.

What mistakes can people avoid?

Don't confuse coverage with success. Winning awards and pitch competitions is great and all, but it's not what business is about. Hunker down, get the work down, get customers and start making money. Don't spend all your time at pitch competitions.

What's your vision for the Scottish tech ecosystem?

I want to see a vibrant, diverse community with highly skilled, driven people working to make products that have global reach.

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